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Actually sounds really rad, but goodness me my poor heart (and ears), hot dang that was loud.

Ruedefaux responds:

Is your audio volume on the site all the way up? That might be why.
Definitely didn't intend to scare anyone here :'D

The second I saw how loud this was going to get I honestly flailed about a bit rushing to turn down my headphones and computer sounds.

I retain my hearing.
well done lol.

Ruedefaux responds:

LOLLL I'm so sorry ^^; Gabber is a VERY aggressive genre haha :'D maybe not this piece of mine in particular because it's super experimental and not typical gabber.

i dont think mine is quite as aggressive as some better ones out there by people who know how to make it better than I do, but still, nonetheless... a hard genre on some ears.

but im glad you can still hear, and thank you XD

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Honestly glad I chose to migrate to newgrounds, art community here has been a blast with all these wonderful features.

And holy goodness you're getting good at this painting style.

Ruedefaux responds:

i agree. i was hugely skeptical of joining NG at first because i thought my art wouldn't really fit here since i'm mainly a painter than a cartoon-styled artist, but i've been having a pretty good time here.

thank you so much, dude~

Congrats on yet another feature!

Ruedefaux responds:

i am??? i gotta go see XD
thank you~

On indefinite hiatus from social media.
Edit, to the tit who leaves half baked reviews on everyone’s stuff, you’re naff reviews are part of the reason I quit. Not like you’ll ever read this as you’re probably too busy pretending to actually review stuff.

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